Astrology explained for kids

When they are young, glitz and glitter is the way to get their attention. They love to wear a crown. But just like the best kings and queens they are generous to their subjects. The grand gesture is what they seek, either to give or receive. It's your job to help them balance ego and pride with true self worth and confidence.

No small task but wow what a payoff! After all, Virgo's tend to be neat and orderly. While the parents of other children are yelling at them to clean up their room, your little darling has all their toys put away and is busy alphabetizing their books by title and subject. No doubt about it, your child can be a bit of a neat freak. Their clothes have to be ironed just so, their food cooked a certain way and don't even get me started on all the showers they take once they hit puberty.

But the parents of these children have a very special job ahead of them. Namely, helping their child believe they are good enough. Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. They notice every flaw. Needless to say, this can be a bit challenging for everyone around! If your daughter wins at basketball you'll hear all about the missed shot. These children need praise and encouragement just to keep going.

Holding yourself to an ideal of perfection can be a bit wearing. They start worrying early and take any criticism to heart. Everything from global warming to the right brand of toothpaste will come under scrutiny.

The Aquarius Child

Help them learn to laugh at themselves and the inevitable mistakes we all make and you will be giving them a gift for life. There is a natural health awareness to the sign of Virgo and don't be surprised if they love to read medical books or spend hours at the vitamin store.

Astrology for Kids

Many of them have innate healing gifts. But most of all, your little Virgo's are kind, sweet and so caring you just want to hug them to pieces. What a job to have. This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Somehow little Libra learns early on that love is good and anger is bad. Anyone's anger parent, teacher or neighbor can be very threatening to them. But since most of us do get angry from time to time including little Libra it's a good idea to teach them it's okay to be angry sometimes and help them find a positive way of expressing it.

These children radiate sweetness and joy. They need, and tend to give lots of hugs and kisses.

For them to be happy they need to feel loved, first by family and later from a romantic partner. Be warned, these kids start to discover the opposite sex early. You'll be called on to dry tears after a breakup and for your counsel during one. It seems as if your Libra is always getting into or out of a relationship. They are not happy loners. Arrange lots of play dates, because this sign blossoms around other people. One of their biggest challenges in life is going to be finding the balance between themselves and others.

Libra will give away all of themselves to make someone else happy. How do I make everyone happy, is a question they are always asking. That's why choices can be difficult for them. This child will be immobilized if he or she thinks someone will be upset about their choice. But Libra children will stand by their decision no matter what in terms of what they wear.

Fashion is big for these kids. Start saving now because they will be asking for the latest designer item before you know it. You may spend a fortune on designer labels but who can say No to that face? They look deeply and intently. Adults can be uncomfortable with that penetrating gaze. It always seems as if they are seeing something that others miss. And chances are they do.

Scorpio's tend to hang back and watch what's going on.

Let Leo grab the spotlight, little Scorpio isn't made that way. They want to know what's really going on below the surface. They love secrets. A sure fire way to get Scorpio's attention is to say 'I've got a secret. But don't expect these little Scorpion's to reciprocate. No siree, their secrets are theirs alone.

What Kind of Mom You're Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Parents of Scorpio children worry they spend too much time in their room. Understand that these intense children need lots of down time to balance out school and activities. Don't worry if they are late to start talking either. But don't mistake quietness for weakness. They may not open their mouth unless they have something to say, but try and push them into doing something they don't like and you'll hear plenty.

This is a fixed sign and they don't give in or give up easily.

Chinese Zodiac for Kids

You can try cajoling, bribing and even threatening. Nothing works. It's a real dilemma for the Scorpio parent. You do not want to get into a contest of wills with this child. They fight to the death. The best trick is to try and get them to think it is their idea. Then they will move forward and not let anything get in their way. They want control you see. Being in control is their ultimate security.

Your little one is deep, dark, mysterious and always fascinating. These children want to explore the world and they want to start right now. Everything and everyone is interesting to them. Show them pictures of far away places and tell them stories of different cultures and watch their eyes light up. Your child thrives on company so make sure he or she has plenty of playmates. The little Archer will shoot their arrows straight into your heart and you'll never be the same again.

Here are some of the warmest and most bubbly children around.

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This is a fire sign and boys and girls alike have incredible energy. Keep them active with lots of sports. They love to participate and although they will be disappointed at losing a game their basic nature is so positive it won't get them down for long. Your little one never met a stranger, and teaching them restraint will be a full time job. Caution is not in their vocabulary. Neither is tack. Be careful what you say around them, because for sure they will repeat it out loud at the most embarrassing moment possible.

They are guileless and will truly not understand why it's not okay to say or do certain things. Their motto is full steam ahead. If something is worth doing it's worth overdoing. They want birthdays to be extravaganzas. Parties are for having FUN.

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One way to temper some of that excess energy besides sports is to expose them to nature at an early age.