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They crave knowledge, and often find it tucked away in hard to reach places. A Sagittarius is revered in the Zodiac for moving around so much.

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They cannot stay in one place, nor can they sit still. Rarely bored, these people often seek out new ways to express themselves and their overactive mind. Sagittarius partners are very independent and very honest.

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They need someone in their life who will be able to come and go with them. The Sagittarius needs a partner that will know when to stay back, and who will know when their love needs a partner in crime. An Aries will always be up for wandering, and they are fiercely independent so they will never feel left out when Sagittarius needs to explore.

An Aries Sagittarius relationship is also filled with optimism, which will allow for it to stand the test of time. Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility: These signs make a fun-loving couple who are always making each other laugh. They have a ton of inside jokes and prefer to keep things in their lives light and happy. They have a big circle of friends and are always planning fun things for everyone to do. People born under Taurus tend to want to settle down while Sagittarians tend to want to drift around. Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility: This pair fall very hard for each other.

While it starts off as a healthy relationship where everything is balanced and reciprocated, a Sag begins to emotional rely too heavily on a Gemini that a Gemini ends up resenting them and calling it off. With the right two people, this could be an easy relationship celebrating the lighter side of Cancer and the deeper side of Sag. Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility: This is a fun-loving couple that get along well and typically have zero drama.

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Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility: This is an outgoing couple with a lot of friends. Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility: Each sign is very stubborn but they never stop fighting for each other.

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  • Even though they have strong personalities it seems to work with each other because they make such a good team and really do support each other. Problems occur between this pair when one becomes too stubborn to apologize. Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility: Sagittarius gets along with their own sign really well.

    Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility: These signs are not alike in what they value or in personality type. They truly do not like fundamental things about who the other person is or what they want and will quickly grow resentful of each other and bicker a lot.

    Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility: This is a good match as both signs are curious explorers. Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Emotionally this combination balances each other out very well. They each are hopeless romantics and wear their heart on their sleeve and they respect that about each other. They are empathetic and understanding and truly vibe with what each are feeling and trying to be what each person needs in the relationship.

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    The only problem that occurs in this type of relationship is the level of high intense emotions between the two is sometimes too dramatic, they need someone a little bit different. To attract a Sagittarius, all you have to do is share your passions with them. Talk to them about your dreams and all of the things you want to achieve. Tell them about your hobbies, your wildest thoughts, your fantasies and all of your achievements. They will feed off of your ambition, and they will want to be part of the life you are creating for yourself.

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    If you can meet them with the same enthusiasm for their own dreams and goals, they will not be able to resist you. If a Sagittarius likes you, you can expect that they will try to make you laugh. They will go out of their way to make you smile. They will be playful with you, and they will try to impress you with all of their funny skills and odd behaviors. If a Sagittarius really likes you, they will stutter and act shy around you — something that rarely happens with a Sag. Expect to be complimented a lot when you are being courted by a Sagittarius.

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    In a relationship, a Sagittarius is often very energetic and inquisitive. They are the adventurers of the Zodiac, and they have a very open minded approach to life and partnerships. They will want to wander, it is within them to do so, and they will always search for the meaning of life in their travels, so they are extremely important to them. It will be very difficult to get a Sagittarius to settle down, and they often favor open relationships. They adore change, and they crave it in order to feel good about themselves, so being tied down is something that will only cause them to feel burdened and trapped.

    If you want to bring a Sagittarius on a kickass date, bring them on a hike. Outdoorsy Sagittarius will enjoy being in nature, and they always get really overwhelmed when inside. Catering to their need to explore and find adventure, taking them outside of stuffy restaurants and apartments is key, and they will appreciate your thirst for wandering. Sagittarius lovers adore sex in odd places.

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    • They are adventurers, and adding a little bit of spontaneity to their physical antics energizes them. They will initiate sex whenever they get the urge, and they will pay no mind to where they are. They are kinky, and will try harder in bed when they really like you. Sagittarius is a truly independent sign in the Zodiac. Though they do care about being heartbroken, they truly will not dwell on it, and they will never let it hold them back.

      Due to their fleeting tendencies in relationships to begin with, Sagittarius will move on quickly and find a new, exciting, adventurous conquest to ease them into a new chapter. If you have a Sagittarius as a friend, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. They are adventurers, explorers and they are in love with freedom and liberation. They will always be up for exciting things, and are the kinds of friends you want by your side when you travel and find new places to dig your feet into.

      To impress a Sagittarius, stimulate them. They appreciate and respect people with goals, and will always admire those who have explored the world. When mad, Sagittarians get angry flare ups, and use hurtful words to really burn people. If you upset a Sagittarius, they will unfriend you from all social media immediately. After experiencing all these water sign emotions, go out and celebrate being the horny fire sign that you are on the full moon in Aries on Sunday, October You're always pretty brave, but suddenly, you'll feel extra emboldened.

      Plan a sexy date night with a view of the big full moon to take advantage of this new you.

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      Scorpio season begins on Wednesday, October You're an optimist, Sagittarius, but sometimes that beautiful enthusiasm for life can cause you to assume that everyone else around you is happy, too. You don't mean to be oblivious — there's just so much life to live. Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac, and you should take this time to channel those vibes and check in with your loved ones.

      Have you been neglecting anybody? There's a new moon, which signifies new beginnings, in Scorpio on Sunday, October This is a great time to focus on work and manifesting your monetary and professional goals.

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      You're great at getting what you want, so don't be afraid to pitch a new idea or project, even if it's a bit out of the box. The power of the Sagittarius charm is strong. You're an expert traveler and may have plans to go somewhere new and exciting to celebrate Halloween. However, Thursday, October 31 also marks the start of Mercury retrograde. Be prepared to be patient, as you will likely experience more delays than usual.